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Most Asked Questions:

What influences steered you toward a career in business?

Being surrounded by friends that were already entrepreneurial women.

In what arenas of business were you most intrigued?

I am most intrigued by design and décor. I have always had a passion for it. My late grandmother would always explain to me how pieces of furniture should go. She would also decorate an amazing party.

Much has changed in the field over the years. How much has technology affected topics like compliance and licensing?

So much as changed in the field of design and décor over the years when it comes to technology. There are many platforms and resources to help individuals obtain the correct licensing to be able target audience.

How would you describe the type of leadership that is important in business?

The type of leadership that is important in business is a positive leader that will help inspire trust and confidence, motivate others, think strategically. Great leadership skills can help your business enjoy grow and be successful. Being the kind of leader that I would love to work for. 

What have you learned from the people you work with and serve?

Being surrounded by hardworking individuals in business, I have learned that there will be many trials and errors. Then there will also be great rewards when serving your community one event at a time.

What plans do you have going forward to continue to inspire?

Going forward in my business and working effortlessly in my community, I plan to continue giving back to the community. Volunteering my time, talents, and resources to help create more programs and INSPIRE future leaders

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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